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Knitting, Crocheting & Needlepoint Classes

18 hours intensive Modern Irish crochet course

Cost: $ 400.00
Once again, this KAL has been designed with the beginner knitter in mind. In the first KAL, we explored simple texture created by knit & purl stitches, together with simple lace and cable techniques. Having gained those skills, I've developed them a stage further and, in this blanket, we start to create more recognisable motifs in both one colour and two colour squares. Delicate motifs in simple texture, lace and a further option that introduces the beginner knitter to a simple bead technique, patterns and different stitches. Linking all these motif squares together and introducing a brand new 'colourwork' skill for this KAL, I have designed three squares using two colours, without the 'fairisle-headache' of stranding or weaving the yarns at the wrong side of work. All will be revealed in time……….!”

Cost: $ 20.00
What is a wallaby? It is a gooded sweater with a pouch pocket in front. The Wallaby is knitted from the bottom up in the round with ragaln sleeves with the pocket added afterwards. The Wallaby is an adventure in seamless knitting. The efficient use of double point and circular needles eliminates seams and the joining of component parts. The pattern booklet has directions for wallabies of all sizes; we will be making a child-size one (2-12 years old) in class. After making one of these comfy sweaters you'll want Wallabies for your entire family.

Cost: $ 40.00