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Summer Speaker Series

Some of Fiber's Most Exciting Creators

We’ve invited some of your favorite designers and creators to join us for a series of new online gatherings.

These gatherings, hosted on Zoom, will be one-hour sessions with special guests joining us to give a peek into their world.

These designers and creators will discuss their unique path, creative processes, latest projects—or whatever is inspiring them now.

There will also be a Q&A session, giveaways, and other fun surprises for those who join!

Romi Hill
Ann Weaver
Jane Slicer-Smith

Romi Hill
June 20 – 4:30pm CST

Substituting yarn, especially for lace patterns, can be a challenge! But we’ve got your back. Join knitwear designer Romi Hill for a Fiberside Chat on the why, what, and how of yarn substitutions. Why should you be careful about choosing the right fiber for your project? What is the right spin? How do you compensate for differences? Romi will use her virtual teaching set-up to show you how to get the most out of your next project, and all questions are welcome!

This is a one time live Zoom on June 20th 2020 at 4:30pm CST


Ann Weaver
June 28 – 3pm CST

Ann Weaver combines her love of knitting, her passion for creative re-use and thrifting, and her love of mending to provide us with techniques for saving or re-purposing our beloved handmade and ready-wear knitwear.  With the current trend to use what you already have, fix what’s broken, all the while rejecting the notion that newer is better Ann will demonstrate a variety of techniques including using simple tools for darning and mending, and repurposing. These techniques, when applied, will give you the knowledge and skills to mend and keep your beloved knitwear in service for years to come, or give them new life, perhaps in the form of a pincushion or some other use!

This is a one time live Zoom on June 28th 2020 at 3pm CST


Jane Slicer-Smith
July 8 – 6pm CST

Our virtual “field” trips continue... Let’s go “down-under” to visit Jane Slicer-Smith’s studio in Sydney, AU! Jane’s studio has been described as an Aladdin’s Cave of colour, filled with 120 garments of all shapes and styles. She will share design and styling techniques developed over the years. These tools of the trade are the key to fitting every shape and size in garments from Jackets to Swingcoats. We’ll learn about collar options, special steps to add polish to finishing, hemline and shaping techniques and other design tips to elevate your garments with a professional look and finish. So, pull up a pew and have a gander mate!

This is a one time live Zoom on July 8th 2020 at 6pm CST


Fees & Registration

Each meet-up will have a $20 registration fee, with proceeds supporting our special guests and other participating LYS’s (Local Yarn Shops). 

We expect a large turnout for Fiberside Chats, and we hope you will join us. Sign up early to secure your seat!

Or call The Studio Knitting & Needlepoint at 816-531-4466

We Appreciate Your Support

Here at The Studio we’ve been brainstorming strategies to weather the storm that the COVID-19 pandemic has struck upon us. The impact to the shop’s operations is extreme, & beyond our doors the ripple effect is extensive.

Temporarily gone are in-real-life trade shows, workshops and so many other ways we gather to support and celebrate our shared passion. From sheep farmers to our local indie dyers and creators of all things from patterns to accessories to yarn bowls, all are feeling the effect on their lives and livelihoods.    

In our search to keep The Studio afloat and keep you, our customers engaged, we’ve explored new ways of doing things and learned other ways to reach out and connect. We appreciate your support during this trying time, and we can’t wait to see you in person at the shop when this is all over!

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