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Crash Course in Knitting

This fast-paced class is better suited to those who are re-acquainting themselves with the craft of knitting. In two hours you will review casting on, the knit stitch and casting off.

Learn To Weave on a Rigid Heddle Loom

A rigid heddle loom is a great way to try your hand at weaving as a beginner. These light portable looms can be used on a table or a stand to produce small projects such as placemats, table runners and scarves. In the first 4 hour class, you will get your first project (a scarf) set up on your loom. The three Weave-Along classes will provide you with support every step along the way to completing your very first beautifully woven scarf. PLEASE NOTE: Looms must be ordered from the Studio by Friday, September 9.

Toe-up 2 @ a Time Sox on Magic Loop

Learn how to use the magic Loop to knit two socks at the same time. Knitting socks from the toe up allows you to creas

Mar 25
Learn to Crochet
Mar 26
Little Baby Striped Sweater
Mar 27
Project Monday