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Sugar Maple Tee

If you have been looking with longing at all the beautiful gradient yarns currently at the Studio, you found your project here. This is a simple, asymmetrical tee by hometown designer Carina Spencer accentuates the impact of gradient dyed yarns. This cap sleeved sweater has a hi-lo, straight back and a-line, chevron pointed front. It is knit seamlessly from the top down, minimizing finishing work. Please check for homework when you sign up.

Project Monday

This is a great class for those who like to try out new projects but prefer to have an experienced knitter to help them through the tough spots. Bring your own project, pattern, yarn and supplies.

Take It On Tuesday

It is time to get out those trouble-some projects at the bottom of your bag and get them finished! Wherever you were stuck, there will be an experienced knitter on hand who can help you take it on.

Jul 25
Sitcom Chic Cardigan
Jul 26
Basic Socks
Jul 27