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Crash Course in Knitting

This fast-paced class is better suited to those who are re-acquainting themselves with the craft of knitting. In two hours you will review casting on, the knit stitch and casting off. Get supply and homework information from Studio before you come to class.

Timber Bay Hat

This hat is not difficult, but uses some refined techniques. We'll learn an awesome crochet provisional cast on, hemmed brim in twisted rib, and fisherman stitch, a type of brioche stitch that makes a fluffy fabric.

Luxury Star Garland

These elegant little stars work as single ornaments, package enhancements, or as shown in the pattern, a garland to drape around the house. Once you learn the secret of wrap-and-turn, you won't want to stop with one!

Nov 19
Project Monday
Nov 20
Learn To Knit Socks
Nov 21
Building Blocks