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9555 Nall Ave.
Overland Park KS 66207

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Studio Team

We are an eclectic bunch who have found our way together through our love of knitting, crochet and needlepoint.  You will find the most knowledge, expertise, and experience among this amazing and talented group of artisans.  Learn a little about each of us.

– finally fulfilled a longtime dream to own a knit shop. Good foil for her other job as an ER doctor at a trauma center! She learned to knit in college, hates to do a gauge swatch and loves to knit without patterns. She likes lace knitting and doing petit point. She finds it easier to start a project than finish it. She has 2 kids – Emma and Ethan – both knit (but never finish anything!)

Cindy (mother of Matthew) – learned to knit in 1994 while chaperoning a group of Girl Scouts from the USA on an international camping event in Norway. It is no surprise that her first project was a baby sweater. Prior to becoming the manager of The Studio she worked in various capacities for non-profit agencies here in Kansas City. She finished her MBA in 2001 and started pricing yarn for the shop shortly after. The prophecy from her graduating class was that she would own a yarn shop. Well, they were almost right. She is the store manager and resident forensic knitter. She just a book in May of 2007, Kid's Knitting Notebook.  She has four important men in her life – husband, Marc and sons, Daniel, Andrew, and Matthew.










Mary K – She's a retired lawyer/lobbyist but decided that with two teenage boys at home she needed to find some work AWAY... The transition from being a customer to helping them has been a lot of fun! She's been knitting and needlepointing for over forty years (that's a very shattering thing to see in print) and enjoys it even more now than when she was making sweaters for boyfriends in college. Her husband is great about wearing handknit things and her goal is to get at least one of the boys to actually wear something she's made. Her cats seem to enjoy "wearing" works in progress all the time.

Matthew – our store mascot – Born Nov. 4, 2002. Matthew now attend Border Star Montessori but loves coming to visit and see all his friends at The Studio.  We celebrate his birthday every year with a charity project for The Children's Place.








Feb 25-Mar 24
This event is a collection of classes for different skill levels built around the last great race, The Iditarod.

At the Kick-off event you will meet with your project team in preparation for the first class and select the Mushing team you will cheer for and the CritterHouseKC pup that will be your mascot.

At the Celebration Event we will applaud your progress and success with prizes and recognitions.


Kick-Off Event
Celebration Event

Enroll in a class by clicking on the name of the project under the box.
Also sign up for the free kick-off and Celebration Events.